NMJ Technology Guardian Services
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Get Microsoft Office 365 Now
NMJ GuardianOffice™ is our resold flavor of Microsoft Office 365. Choose from one of the many Office 365 tiers available. The most common Plan is the Business Premium plan that includes the online Exchange for Outlook MAPI, Outlook Web Access, and ActiveSync; the web based online Office suite accessible from any where; rights to the full Office desktop suite; online SharePoint services; Skype collaboration messenger; OneDrive file storage; and other features. Unlike Microsoft offerings, there is no yearly contract or any early withdrawal fees. Cost: $14 per user per month.
NMJ GuardianBackup
NMJ GuardianBackup™ is a managed backup solution that can backup all of your important computer systems and hold that data in an onsite and offsite data storage location. On site backup storage IS provided. Complete backups are made as often as you wish, from once per day to as often as every 5 minutes (hourly backups are most commonly utilized). Restorations are granular so you can recovery an entire server down to just a single file. Exchange is also directly supported. An advanced online “Hot Site” can be configured as well to allow quick business recovery even if you lose your data center! Cost: $150 per site per month, $50 per additional server per month, $10 per workstation per month, $20 Exchange granular restoration per month, $150 per hot site standby server recovery per month, ZERO cost for offsite data storage.
NMJ GuardianMail
NMJ GuardianMail™ is a spam and virus scanning service for your email system. It is compatible with most email servers, but is especially important for businesses that have onsite server or servers. The email destined for your system is first sent through a series of scanners and products looking for known spam, suspected spam, and virus infected email, and prevents that mail from being delivered to your mail servers. Each user in your business can review mail that has been held and choose to release it. Virus infected mail is always blocked. Cost: $10 per domain per month, optionally $1 per managed user month.
NMJ GuardianEncrypt
NMJ GuardianEncrypt is an email encryption service for your existing corporate email system to protect your vendors, customers, employees and company data when transmitting documents via email, and without needing to train people how to use the service. It will ensure that confidential information stays confidential, that it is easy to use for all users, and helps minimize the risks of regulatory violations and fines. Cost: $8.25 per user configured in your domain per month.
VoIP Solutions Provider
NMJ GuardianVoice™ is a hosted managed VoIP solution utilizing onsite PBX, hosted PBX, SIP trunking for providing your business with a reliable and flexible communications platform. Cost $30 per extension/phone per month.
NMJ GuardianWatch
NMJ GuardianWatch™ is a set of proactive management tools that are deployed within your network and on your various devices to keep a watchful eye on things. Everything is monitored to make sure that everything runs within the proper limits and tolerances. If anything is found to be out of place, NMJ GuardianSupport (and if desired someone within your organization) is notified so that steps can be taken to correct the issue before it becomes a business halting failure. Cost: $35 per server per month, $12 per workstation and selected network devices per month.
NMJ GuardianProtect
NMJ GuardianProtect™ is a managed antivirus and anti-spam protection for each of your server and workstation endpoints. Also web browsing is given another layer of protection against reaching sites known to be risky. In addition, common methods for phishing for the purpose of stealing one’s identity are also thwarted. All workstation definitions are always up to date, and the status of each system antivirus protection status is constantly monitored and remediation of attacks are automatically handled by NMJ support, even when users have left your premises with a protected system. Cost: $3 per user/device per month.
NMJ GuardianContent
NMJ GuardianContent™ is a managed web content filtering solution that often requires no appliance or software within your organization to function. All user web browsing and remote application usage is monitored and prevents access to unauthorized systems or web sites, prevents the access to known malware suspicious sites and services, and full reporting will tell you exactly where your users have been for compliance or policy enforcement. Cost: $3 per user/device per month.
NMJ GuardianContract
NMJ GuardianContracts™ is a service to allow us to manage your various software, licensing, and support contracts for you. We will renew them as needed. The cost are spread out over monthly periods so you do not need to make large expenditures as the contracts come due. There are a growing list of contracts that we will handle but Microsoft licensing, Antivirus licensing, HP and Dell extended support contracts, networking device warranty and support contracts are commonly covered. Costs depend on the contracts being managed.
NMJ GuardianRemote
NMJ GuardianRemote™ is a remote support tool that can be used for anyone whether they are a current client or not. This tool allows us to review, evaluate, diagnose, and repair common issues no matter who and where you are. No matter where you are located, no matter if you are a current client or not, no matter what your computer issue is, if you have internet access, you can employ the NMJ GuardianRemote client to allow access by our expert team for immediate help. Costs: Included in any monthly plan.
NMJ GuardianConsultant
Awesome, knowledgeable support for which NMJ Technology LLC has become known * Flexible pricing for all your IT support needs * $95.00 per hour straight rate * * Fixed monthly recurring rate plans based on the size of your network for easy budgeting * And if you bundle your support needs with other NMJ Guardian services, you can even get ALL labor services for FREE!
NMJ GuardianComplete
Leave everything up to NMJ Technology LLC and find your paradise * You can bundle any number of these maintenance programs together and receive further value by reducing the overall costs * Monthly budget payment plans make it easy on your fiscal department and a snap for you
Incomprehensible Value
NMJ Technology LLC takes pride in being able to bring the best solutions to our clients without gouging your business of fiscal funds. We undercut the competition, not because we aren't worth it, but because YOU ARE and WE CAN! Call to get our rates on our offerings today.
IT = Information Tangle?
NMJ Technology LLC can help you to untangle the complexities for your business Information Technology needs!
Extend Your Business
Let NMJ Technology LLC show you how to extend your productivity by providing remote access from any location to all your business units.
Making IT Easy to Understand
NMJ Technology LLC does not overwhelm you with terms, and concepts, and overly technical descriptions of your networking needs. We will help you to understand and know your network.
Enhance Business Collaboration
NMJ Technology will prepare your business units to work as a whole by providing extensive set of collaboration tools.
Simplify Administration
Do you have too many cooks in the kitchen. Allow NMJ Technology LLC to take the burden of your network administration into our hands and let you run your business, instead of running your network.
Avoid Disaster
NMJ Technology LLC can prevent disaster from halting your business productivity with NMJ Guardian Protective services.
NMJ's Mug Shot
Think of this "mug" for all your IT needs.

  • NMJ Technology Managed Service Provider and Consulting.

    NMJ Technology LLC opened on February 2, 2012.   Owner and President Norman Michael Jackson began NMJ Technology LLC to provide Information Technology Consulting, Design, Implementation, Management, and Support primarily for all business everywhere.

    Mike Jackson goes by a few different names including: Mike Jackson (preferred) Norman Michael Jackson N. Michael Jackson Norman M. Jackson Michael Jackson Mike Jackson Mike Michael MikeyJ Norman Jackson Norm Jackson Norm Norman Whitemikey

    Northeast Ohio Counties where NMJ Technology LLC operates in all 50 states in the U.S.A.

    The manufacturers that NMJ Technology LLC works with are as follows: Microsoft Cisco Symantec Hewlett-Packard HP Dell AppRiver Barracuda American Power Conversion APC Schneider Electric VMWare Unidesk GoDaddy SolarWinds Intuit LabTech Vembu StorageCraft Rapid Fire Tools Smtp2Go Computer Associates NetGear Apple Computer Novell Western Digital Seagate Ring Central Webroot StorageCraft OpenDNS

    The types of services provided by NMJ Technology LLC are as follows: Provider Provides Consulting Consultant Consult Design Implementation Management Support Services Network Real Time Monitoring Network Security Risk Assessment Vulnerability Testing Active Directory Planning Exchange Deployment SQL Server Deployment Hardware Server Desktop Workstation Printer Repair Software Licensing Disaster Recovery Planning Data Recovery Services Hardware Recycling Virtualization and Server Consolidation Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Network Managed Services Provider Structured Cabling  Apple Macintosh Integration Novell Migration GroupWise Migration Email Migration File Migration Mail Migration Cloud Service Recommendation Office 365 Spam and Virus protection Web Content Filtering File data and image Backup Data Storage Hyper-V vSphere Routers Switches Firewall hub Gigabit Ethernet VoIP Phone Blackberry iPad Droid Tablet ActiveSync / AS Web Site Hosting Internet Information Server IIS Outlook Web Access Remote Control Remote Connectivity Mobile User Connectivity Terminal Services Remote Desktop Protocol Digital Subscriber Line DSL Cable Broadband Wideband Internet Provider Domain Name Service DNS Visual Basic Programming Applications Industry Industrial Processes Linux Netware Suse Enterprise Antivirus and Malware Protection Removal Business Application Support Managed Service Provider Proactive Reporting and Trending Colocation Business Continuity VoIP Voice over IP Telephony Unified Communications UC

    NMJ Technology LLC partners with the following businesses: Warwick Communications IngramMicro TechData Synnex Provantage CDW CDW-G Nicholas Insurance Deltek  Vision EyeMG Myriad NewEgg Megapath Time Warner AT&T ATT Ohio.net TeamViewer eFax Windstream Coredial RingCentral Ring Central Webroot StorageCraft OpenDNS GoDaddy

    NMJ Technology LLC surpasses the following local businesses that provide similar solutions and services for the computer networking and information technology industry: Amos Data Systems AtNetPlus AT Net Plus Target Systems Keystone Technology Consultants keystonecorp  BGCSystems bgcsystems Progent Summit Solutions summitsolutions NewHorizons New Horizons RayTecSystems RayTek Systems Advanced Network Solutions Area51 Area 51 ar51 MCPc CornerStone IT cornerstoneit  AccuNet  Neo Net  neonet

    NMJ Technology LLC uses the following web links for the purpose of marketing and strategy: amosdata.nmjtechnology.com Amos.nmjtechnology.com Data.nmjtechnology.com AtNetPlus.nmjtechnology.com AT.nmjtechnology.com Net.nmjtechnology.com Plus.nmjtechnology.com Target.nmjtechnology.com Systems.nmjtechnology.com Keystone.nmjtechnology.com Technology.nmjtechnology.com Consultants.nmjtechnology.com keystonecorp.nmjtechnology.com  BGCSystems.nmjtechnology.com bgcsystems.nmjtechnology.com Progent.nmjtechnology.com Summit.nmjtechnology.com Solutions.nmjtechnology.com summitsolutions.nmjtechnology.com NewHorizons.nmjtechnology.com New.nmjtechnology.com Horizons.nmjtechnology.com RayTecSystems.nmjtechnology.com RayTek.nmjtechnology.com Advanced.nmjtechnology.com Network.nmjtechnology.com Area51.nmjtechnology.com Area.nmjtechnology.com 51.nmjtechnology.com ar51.nmjtechnology.com MCPc.nmjtechnology.com CornerStone.nmjtechnology.com IT.nmjtechnology.com cornerstoneit.nmjtechnology.com  AccuNet.nmjtechnology.com  Neo.nmjtechnology.com Net.nmjtechnology.com  neonet.nmjtechnology.com Ashland.nmjtechnology.com Ashtabula.nmjtechnology.com Columbiana.nmjtechnology.com Cuyahoga.nmjtechnology.com Erie.nmjtechnology.com Geauga.nmjtechnology.com Huron.nmjtechnology.com Lake.nmjtechnology.com Lorain.nmjtechnology.com Mahoning.nmjtechnology.com Medina.nmjtechnology.com Portage.nmjtechnology.com Stark.nmjtechnology.com Richland.nmjtechnology.com Summit.nmjtechnology.com Trumbull.nmjtechnology.com Tuscarawas.nmjtechnology.com Wayne.nmjtechnology.com Akron.nmjtechnology.com Alliance.nmjtechnology.com Ashland.nmjtechnology.com Ashtabula.nmjtechnology.com Canton.nmjtechnology.com Canfield.nmjtechnology.com Carrollton.nmjtechnology.com Cleveland.nmjtechnology.com Clyde.nmjtechnology.com Columbus.nmjtechnology.com Columbia.nmjtechnology.com Station.nmjtechnology.com East.nmjtechnology.com Liverpool.nmjtechnology.com Elyria.nmjtechnology.com Garrettsville.nmjtechnology.com Geneva.nmjtechnology.com Hiram.nmjtechnology.com Huron.nmjtechnology.com Hudson.nmjtechnology.com Independence.nmjtechnology.com Kent.nmjtechnology.com Lorain.nmjtechnology.com Elyria.nmjtechnology.com Medina.nmjtechnology.com Middlefield.nmjtechnology.com Millersburg.nmjtechnology.com Monroe.nmjtechnology.com Falls.nmjtechnology.com Newton.nmjtechnology.com Norwalk.nmjtechnology.com Parma.nmjtechnology.com Painesville.nmjtechnology.com Ravenna.nmjtechnology.com Stow.nmjtechnology.com Warren.nmjtechnology.com Willoughby.nmjtechnology.com Wooster.nmjtechnology.com Youngstown.nmjtechnology.com