Migrate your Business to Windows 2012 Today

There are many business operating systems in use.  Here is a pretty extensive list of them:

  • Microsoft Windows Server (all versions)
  • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (all versions)
  • Apple Macintosh xServer (all versions)
  • Novell Netware (all versions)
  • Novell Suse Open Enterprise Server (all versions)
  • Linux (all flavors)
  • NAS based networking (various manufacturers)
  • Peer to Peer networking
  • Standalone computers
  • Cloud based networking

That should pretty much cover it.  My background was in Novell networking for half of my career.  I was a diehard fan of Novell and what they were doing.  I have had a fair amount of exposure to every other form of networking in the list above, including my own Apple based network in my home.

If you are a growing business like NMJ Technology LLC, or an established business like so many of my clients of almost every size, one thing has become clear over time.  No network operating environment does a better job of consolidating all of your user and group administration, computer maintenance tasks, network monitoring processes, security coverage, data storage and availability, backup and disaster recovery, than those built on the advanced services provided by the Microsoft Windows Networking Technology.

It never ceases to amaze me how some business invest in some sort of networking infrastructure only to believe it will last them forever.  If only this were the case.  Hardware ages and becomes slower.  Operating systems become bloated with the amount of memory and resources they must consume.  And the server that they installed 3, 6, 9 or even 12 years ago is not running anywhere near how it did the day it was first deployed.  Yes, there is a forced obsolescence as manufacturers and software developers continue to improve their products.  But business should embrace those new technologies.  There are always more impressive ways that these technologies can help the business become more efficient with its use of IT funds.

It takes people who know how this process works to make it pay for the business.  And unfortunately there are many providers that don’t know how to make these advances work in positive ways.  NMJ Technology LLC does!  No matter which of the type of operating system on which your business is currently running, we can help you bring your network into the current decade by providing the best server-based hardware such as Hewlett-Packard Proliant or Dell PowerEdge systems, network switching and routing hardware such as Cisco Catalyst or Hewlett-Packard ProCurve switches, and move your aging network into the Microsoft Windows 2012 environment.

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I have been in the Information Technology Consulting business since 1987. I studied at Kent State University in the field of Industrial Technology with the desire to become an electrical engineer like my father before me. My segue into computer networking was a complete surprise that I gladly accepted as a way to move forward in my experiences. I learned networking from the Novell point of view, and that eventually led me into the Microsoft world which is where I have become an exceptional consultant. Away from business, I continue to perfect my musicianship and write music. I have a lovely wife, and darling daughter, and super step son, two cats, a dog, and some gold fish in my pond.