How to get your IT guru support for FREE!

With NMJ Technology LLC, it is simple to get your IT support guru for FREE, or darned close to it.

The trick is in how we sell our services.  We don’t sell support, we don’t sell time, we don’t sell personnel.  We sell you the services that you are (or should) already be buying to protect your corporate user base and equipment, and we throw in the time to support those services.  You are already buying the services, wouldn’t you rather pay for those services and have the labor for those services, and more, included?  We call these NMJ Technology LLC Guardian Managed Services.  Furthermore, if you subscribe to a bundle of multiple NMJ Guardian Managed Services, we will extend the support of your network to encompass ALL of your needs, not just those that pertain to these services.  This is call NMJ GuardianComplete.  When you bundle multiple services, we will basically put ourselves on retainer for you, and you can use our time for ANY project you might have… AT NO EXTRA COST!

The only limitation is our availability, as these services have become so popular.

No one else in the industry does this.  Why, because they can get away with not having to do so.  Everyone else will sell you a product, or solution, or an entire project, and then on top of the exorbitant fees for the hardware, software, and licensing, they will bill you like a lawyer (sorry lawyers, for licking on you, but you know its true) for every single second of support by every support or implementation technician that it takes to roll out that product.  Then after the project, they will continue to charge for ongoing support port-implementation. That’s the IT world way.

In general, you will be told it will cost $150 per man hour to implement your project.  But so many of those man-hours are hidden, you don’t know what is happening during the implementation.  Then at the end of every month, you will receive a jaw-dropping invoice of that labor and wonder where your value went.  On top of that, you will see the implementation dragged out long beyond the amount of time projected, as they squeeze you for every extra dollar they can during the project.

Also, companies do not credit you for time lost due to a failure to implement some aspect of your project, the contract will state something like… , “Hey, crap can happen that is not under our power, and we will try not to let crap happen, but hey, crap will happen, blah blah blah…”, and who gets charged when that crap happens?  You do. There are far more companies that you might be aware that have more crap happening than non-crap happening.  How are you going to know?

So, the solution might be to demand a flat fee for a project.  OK.  You might be lucky and the contractor may sell that project labor to you at a flat fee.  But now it becomes a gamble and a race against time for the implementation to take place faster than expected.  This is because every hour the project crew spends on a flat rated project, the more money the contractor loses for that project.  So now things go the other way.  This is when mistakes happen, this is when corners are cut, and entire branches of the project might be ignored altogether.  They may get thing done within a decent amount of time, but are they really done?  Are they done well?  You will pay for it later.  And on top of that, you will be billed for post-implementation support…. and in reality, they are charging you for the time it takes to do the implementation they way it was supposed to have been done during the actual implementation.

Well, I am done with that little rant.

My point is, buy the services you need, that you are already using, from NMJ Technology LLC in the form of Guardian Managed Services and get all of our time for any purpose you need.  If you purchase a new server, new infrastructure, need to roll out or migrate some services, or otherwise need workstation installation and support, or just an IT guy you can call and get answers without being billed, your would be covered on time is long as you have bundled your NMJ Technology LLC Guardian Managed Services to protect your corporate computing infrastructure.  You will have one predicable and easily budgeted invoice per month for these services and you will NEVER get another jaw dropping support or labor bill again. In fact, you will also receive an overall discount for these bundled services.

  • Buy the same services you already need, but instead from NMJ Technology LLC.
  • Get a discount off of the bottom line for these services just because you bundled them with us (typically 10% – 20%).
  • Get your support for FREE!!!!!!
  • This is a win/win for all involved, why would you NOT do this?

Here are the list of the NMJ Technology LLC Guardian Managed Services that are eligible for the bundle support.

NMJ Technology LLC Guardian Managed Services.

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