Webroot Secure Anywhere Protects When Others Don’t.

I have blogged about this a number of times, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say.  And what does that mean anyway?

I could NOT be happier with my decision to move my entire client base off of Symantec Endpoint Protection into my NMJ GuardianProtect service, featuring Webroot Secure Anywhere.

As I have mentioned before, Symantec Endpoint Protection is something I have worked with since the days my previous employers had begun to work with it, and that was Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 7.x.  We are talking the mid 90′ here.  The product, like any other, always had its ups and downs, and although we made many attempts to test the viability of moving from Symantec to another product (Sophos, Trend Micro, McAfee, Kaspersky, AVG, we looked at them all on multiple occasions), we always determined that Symantec was doing just fine.  And it did for many years.

Until recently when it was failing to capture ransomware attacks in progress. This behavior prompted me to take another serious look at moving to another product, and this time I committed.  And I committed to Webroot Secure Anywhere which I had been testing for a year. As I said at the top, I have blogged about this all before.  But what I want to point out is the aftermath of the move.

As I rolled this out, one thing became terribly clear.  Symantec Endpoint Protection missed more than just the Ransomware that I was mainly worried about.  Instead, as the Webroot was placed on the machines that had, up to that moment, been “protected” with Symantec Endpoint Protection, began showing a large percentage of untouched, unseen threats.  Not just a few here and there.  We know that every product will detect different things in different ways, particularly with the “potentially unwanted” items, but when it comes to the more dangerous Trojan and other Malware threats, I would expect Symantec to “See” those.  But each client that I put on Webroot began indicating anywhere between 5 and 200 of the more dangerous Trojan types of threats found on these previously “protected” systems.  That’s amazing!  That’s unacceptable.

So in summary, although I was gloating about my excellent decision to move to Webroot to protect my clients, I had NO idea how my clients were in such a state of disrepair prior to this move.  It is important that you know that you may be in that same state of disrepair, if you don’t rely on NMJU Technology LLC to set you back on the right path again.

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