Office 2016 October 2017 Update “The New Feature”

What is the newest feature that Microsoft has bestowed upon us in Oct 2017 for Office 2016?

An irritating recurring Windows Security Outlook authentication prompt that re-requests your login credentials (username and password) multiple times a day. Even though your system continues to talk to your mail system, the prompt appears insistently.  You can try to ignore it, or hide it, but eventually you’ll want this fixed.

The October public build 16.0.8431.2079 of Office will exhibit this issue.  Reverting to the September public build 16.0.8326.2107 will resolve the issue.

  • To revert the update to the September build, open an elevated Command Prompt (CMD – NOT POWERSHELL).
  • Change to your system drive, usually drive C:.
  • Type the command: cd %programfiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ClickToRun\
  • Type the command: officec2rclient.exe /update user updatetoversion=16.0.8326.2107


The system will commence to install the September build and inform you when it is ready for use, and this process could take 10-30 minutes.

Also, you will want to avoid allowing the automatic updates from reinstalling the new version until Microsoft has fixed the issue.  There is no telling when that will be at this time.

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