Ridiculously Low Priced Unlimited Consulting and Support + System Wide Monitoring

You cannot miss this Deal of the Year!!  For a limited time only, NMJ Technology LLC is extending an offer to provide “unlimited” network IT support and proactive monitoring for the ridiculously low price of $300.00 per month!  Period!!

For this cost, you will receive the following benefits:

  • NMJ GuardianConsultant™/NMJ GuardianSupport

You will get “Unlimited” access to your favorite NMJ GuardianConsultant™ IT guru and NMJ GuardianSupport™ support personnel that will provide Information Technology Consulting, Design, Implementation, Management and Support for your business network.  This includes “project support”, and most anything for which you require an IT brain and manpower.

“Unlimited” is in quotes to indicate the only limitation, which is the physical availability of your IT guru.  Network emergencies obviously would receive immediate priority.  For all other needs, you can expect a maximum of two week lead time on scheduling tasks with our support team, however most tasks are actually planned and executed within a day or two.  After-hours and weekend support is also included, however a two week lead time on scheduling is required.

There will be no surprise bills with any additional labor costs.  All of this support is included at the monthly managed plan rate of $300 per month stated in this offer.  For comparison, most IT support groups will charge a minimum of $150 per hour.  NMJ Technology LLC normal hourly rates are $100 per hour (this will be going up to $105 on January 1, 2018).  At our normal rate, $300 is equal to only 3 hours of support time per month.  However, imagine getting unlimited support – even for evenings, and weekends, or projects – for that $300 per month.  That is unheard of, but we will provide it.  But that’s not all you get….

  • NMJ GuardianWatch

You will receive the highly recommended NMJ GuardianWatch™ proactive network and device monitoring and reporting services as part of the monthly managed plan..

All servers and workstations and selected SNMP based network devices will be closely monitored with device specific agents that will report all statistics about system condition, performance, and behavior and alert us on the fly with any concerns to any of the monitored systems.  Each month you will receive a Network Health Report of all of your managed servers, workstations, and servers.  You will receive information about the “Security Score of your network and recommendations on how to strengthen that score.  The agents also allow direct remote access by our support team to all of these devices to provide remediation any issues, many times before the user or onsite staff are aware there was an issue.

You will have your own login to the NMJ GuardianWatch management portal to allow you to make your own queries against the database of information, for example, if you require a licensing or workstation inventory report.

NMJ GuardianWatch is normally priced at $35 per server per month, $12 per workstation or device per month.  Even at these modest prices, for larger network, you can imagine this could add up to a pretty steep cost.  But imagine receiving this service for all your devices AND the included “unlimited” IT support for this low monthly cost.

  • NMJ GuardianRemote

You will receive the capability to have any user supported even if they are away from the office.  Your users will all be eligible for remote control services for their computers, even their home computers that you have chosen to support for them to access the business network services.  Remote support for these extra machines are usually covered under the NMJ GuardianWatch management services at the same rate as stated above, but we will throw in the remote support for users and personal systems as part of this plan.  The only requirement is that your business has put in writing that the user’s personal system is authorized to use the business services.

This is what you get for the exceptionally low price of $300.00 per month.

This plan does not include any hardware or software except for those provided by NMJ Technology LLC as part of an additional service below.  As an NMJ Guardian managed plan client, you would also have the ability to add (À la carte) other services that you may require for your network at a ridiculously reduced bundle rate.  These services are extra and not included in the offer above.  But they would be bundled to this already ridiculously low priced offer, and then discounted as a bundle package giving you even more ridiculously low priced services.

The other NMJ Guardian services available to you are as follows:

NMJ GuardianOffice

This is NMJ Technology LLC resold version of the corporate class Microsoft Office 365.  You have the availability of each of the standard tiers of the Office 365 offerings, but there are several benefits:

•  NMJ Technology LLC can typically provide Office 365 at a lower cost per user than that provided directly from Microsoft.
•  You do not need to deal with off-continent outsourced Microsoft for support, your support comes form NMJ Technology LLC.
•  You will have your own portal login to the service.
•  There is no minimum yearly contract nor any early withdrawal fees of any kind.

  • NMJ GuaridnaBackup

We will backup your servers and other select workstations with our corporate class solution as follows:

•  A full image backup is made of each system and stored locally on a NAS device that we provide.
•  Any portion of your backup can be restored whether it is a full server recovery to dissimilar hardware, physical disks, logical disks, partitions, folders, or single files.  Exchange mailbox server data can be restore in the same manner using granular restoration.
•  Your onsite copy of the backups will be replicated and shipped offsite to our various data houses for offsite protection.  There is no per gigabyte pricing for offsite storage.
•  A very long retention rate is used to allow restoring data from last night, or from 4 months ago.  Sometimes retention of even longer times is possible.
•  You have the option to have your server backups replicated to a business standby server.
•  You will have your own portal login to monitor the  status of your backups.
•  All support is included.

  • NMJ GuardianProtect

All of your servers and workstations will be provided with a corporate class antivirus solution that is globally managed by NMJ Technology LLC.

•  Your systems will be protected no matter where they are located, most network managed antivirus services require the device to be on the network to get updates and policy changes.  Our solution provides management of the end points from any location.
•  You will have your own portal login to the service.
•  All support is included.

  • NMJ GuardianMail

No matter what mail service you use, your mail can be scrubbed by our corporate class mail spam and security service before delivery to your server.

•  It will remove 99.99% of the spam and virus infected mail items before it ever enters your server.
•  You will have your own portal login to the service.
•  All support is included.

  • NMJ GuardianContent

Protect your business network form the places where your users will browse using your company internet services by providing content filtering from our corporate class solution.

•  Prevents users from accessing site known to harbor viruses, security breeches, peer network attacks, and drive by internet risks.
•  Requires no onsite hardware or appliance.
•  Requires no software on the user devices (unless you want them to be protected from any location in the world).
•  You will have your own portal login to the service.
•  All support is included.

  • NMJ GuardianContract

This is really a catch-all solution offering.  Anything that is not already included in another service can be included here.  The types of things that are commonly included are:

•  Software maintenance contracts such as software assurance or licensing renewals.
•  Hardware maintenance contracts such as Cisco SmartNet or HP CarePack contracts.
•  Almost anything else you need us to handle for you and bundle into your plan to gain the discount benefits can be added here.

Do not hesitate to contact NMJ Technology LLC and setup your basic monthly plan and start  saving immediately.

Call us today 330-283-6902.

I have been in the Information Technology Consulting business since 1987. I studied at Kent State University in the field of Industrial Technology with the desire to become an electrical engineer like my father before me. My segue into computer networking was a complete surprise that I gladly accepted as a way to move forward in my experiences. I learned networking from the Novell point of view, and that eventually led me into the Microsoft world which is where I have become an exceptional consultant. Away from business, I continue to perfect my musicianship and write music. I have a lovely wife, and darling daughter, and super step son, two cats, a dog, and some gold fish in my pond.