The “Cloud” is Happening Now!

Of course it is. It has been coming for some time. I use the cloud. The NMJ Technology LLC management solution is in the cloud. Our protective services are in the cloud. Our ticketing system is in the cloud. Our VoIP service is in the cloud. Our backup solution backs up to a cloud. Our remote access is done through the cloud. So making use of “cloud” based services is not something new any more. But where do I keep my business intellectual property? In house! Plain and simple.


I have ONE simple question to anyone that has ever been told “The cloud is here… now” and feels the need to go there because people have told you that’s just how you’re supposed to be doing it.

How does a cloud benefit you?

The answers most given:

  • Its cheaper to maintain.
  • Our data is more secure.
  • My people can get to it from anywhere.
  • My people can collaborate better.
  • It is being backed up.
  • I can save on equipment costs.
  • I don’t have to have an IT guy.

My reply:

  • Nonsense
  • Nonsense
  • Nonsense
  • Nonsense
  • Nonsense
  • Nonsense

It’s cheaper to maintain.

Lets take a 30 user network. You can get an internally hosted powerful virtual server running Windows 2019 Hyper-V and host a few needed services there. It will cost $16,000 to deploy such a system with all the needed hardware and licensing. That server can last easily 7-10 years. There will be some costs in migration as well depending on your IT specialists (unless you use NMJ Technology LLC who will include project support as part of our ongoing support plan). But for argument, lets say you spend $10,000 to some other provider to do the project.

Total cost for the next 10 years is $26,000.

Instead of this, the client decides to save money by utilizing Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium. List cost is $14.95 per user per month per for as long as you are on the subscription. There will be a one time cost to get there, so imagine spending maybe $6000 to be put into the cheaper cloud.

Total cost for this business for the next 10 minimum is $59,000.00.

“But I’m saving on IT expenses, right?”

No, you have to pay someone to help you not matter what solution you use, that cost is always going to be there, unless you are your own IT guru and can do it yourself.

Our data is more secure.

When you have an in-house system, you know who holds the keys. There are a known number of people that can administratively access your stuff. You know who they are.

When you go to the cloud, you just put all your intellectual property into the hands of a corporation that has a vast unknown number of people that can access your stuff. You don’t know how many. You don’t know who they are. You don’t know if they’ve had a bad week and are going to cause you trouble. You don’t know if they are actually part of the hacker rings that exist. You don’t know anything.

You might as well walk your in-house server down the street to the nearest 7-Eleven and ask them to help maintain your server for you. I love this paragraph from an earlier blog I wrong, so I will reuse it here.

“Here is our important production server. It has lots of company secrets on it. Here’s the Administrator password for it. We’ll just access this server remotely. Please keep it clean for us. Please back it up regularly. Please make sure you replace failing or failed components. And for God’s sake, PLEASE don’t look at any files on it.”?

Does that sound like a smart move?

Foreign powers can hack voting machines. Do you think they cannot hack your cloud provider? They already have. Every cloud service, Google, and Office 365 in particular, are BADLY hacked. Read my other blogs on this. With your in-house server farm, we can prevent much of this kind of attack and hacking behavior, but out in the cloud where millions of users must be allowed to access their cloud services, there are holes in that security model.

My people can get to it from anywhere.

You CAN get to ANYTHING from ANYWHERE in this day and age. You want to have a cloud your people can access? Make one. Virtual Private Clouds are also a thing. Virtual Private Clouds are also here now, happening today.

Also, you need a working internet to get your stuff. If a utility company puts their backhoe through a fiber line down the street and you lose internet, you are out of business until it comes up. No one can do ANYTHING because EVERYTHING is down until it is up. If you still maintain an in-house system, there is some business that can still continue.

My people can collaborate better.

Same answer as the last one. From where you provide your virtual private cloud makes little difference on what your users can do to collaborate. Use a cloud, make a cloud, you can collaborate.

I can save on equipment costs.

I already described the cost difference in saving on your server hardware above. But you are a business. You need routing, switching, WiFi, computers on the desks, printers, etc. SO where did you save the money?

If you go with a fully managed service provider that would charge you THOUSANDS of dollars a month to maintain all this equipment for you… did you ask them, “who owns the equipment?”. You’d better. Most Managed Service Providers that handle ALL your hardware are leasing it to you. If you have to break ties with them, you either need to buy the equipment outright, or they take it away forcing you to buy new equipment.

So where did you save money again?

It is being backed up.

Is it?

How do you know? Can you do regular recovery testing? have you even tried to recover a lost file because it got overwritten? Where are the backups being held? Who’s doing them? Is it backing up everything you do? Need? Who do you contact when you need restoration? It cannot be the IT guy you thought you didn’t need because he doesn’t exist.

I don’t have to have an IT guy.

I think I beat this one over the head enough. You are a business, you are paying someone to manage your IT services. It doesn’t matter where you put your stuff, you need equipment. You need an in-house computer domain of some kind for management of your user base. Unless you are your own IT guru, you’re going to pay for one.

So who is it benefiting?

Your provider. They have a steady stream of income coming from your business … forever.

What can I do?

You needed to understand what the real purpose of a cloud system is. It is to take you and your people out of control and ownership of the equipment and put it into the hands of your providers, while allowing the cyber criminals of the world better access to your stuff, at a greater cost to you over the long run, and nothing about how you store and access your data has really changed at all.

However, NMJ Technology LLC DOES Office 365. We will sell you this cloud service, we will make it work, as NMJ has many cloud based clients. The difference is we will do it right. We will make sure that if you really want to ignore the cautions I have described here, and think that I have not explained away every other cloud proponents “pros” for a cloud based network for your business, we’ll be glad to provide it. We will make it secure and make it work. Then NMJ Technology LLC can enjoy the unending stream of revenue for that decision.

I have been in the Information Technology Consulting business since 1987. I studied at Kent State University in the field of Industrial Technology with the desire to become an electrical engineer like my father before me. My segue into computer networking was a complete surprise that I gladly accepted as a way to move forward in my experiences. I learned networking from the Novell point of view, and that eventually led me into the Microsoft world which is where I have become an exceptional consultant. Away from business, I continue to perfect my musicianship and write music. I have a lovely wife, and darling daughter, and super step son, two cats, a dog, and some gold fish in my pond.