Continued Dangers of Microsoft 365 Security

First off, let me reiterate that I am not badmouthing the Microsoft 365 system. NMJ Technology LLC is based in Microsoft 365, and I have many clients using it, and it has worked very well. But today there are a rash of emails from “” that are in fact filled with dangerous Trojans. DO NOT OPEN the emails from that have the subject “Sales Receipt” and one ore more attachments that are Word or Excel documents asking you to “Enable Content” and “Print”.


The emails are coming from legitimate Microsoft 365 tenants, some from the Inuit and some from the Fedex tenancies. This means that these corporations Microsoft 365 mail systems have been broached, hacked, and content has been stolen to craft new emails that look legitimate enough and dupe users into clicking them and being sent to BAD places or allowing the installation of BAD software.viruses on the PC.

I have been in the Information Technology Consulting business since 1987. I studied at Kent State University in the field of Industrial Technology with the desire to become an electrical engineer like my father before me. My segue into computer networking was a complete surprise that I gladly accepted as a way to move forward in my experiences. I learned networking from the Novell point of view, and that eventually led me into the Microsoft world which is where I have become an exceptional consultant. Away from business, I continue to perfect my musicianship and write music. I have a lovely wife, and darling daughter, and super step son, two cats, a dog, and some gold fish in my pond.