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If you know anything about me, you will know that I have worked most of my career at a network solutions provider in Akron Ohio named Amos Data Systems LLC.

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I began work for Gary Amos, President of Amos Data Systems LLC, in 1990 and continued my career there for 21 years and 3 months to the day.  Amos was a fantastic company to work for.  I got along with everyone.  Each of us complemented another so that our skills could be used to offer the best in Information Technology consulting, integration, and support.  My loyalties to Amos Data Systems run very deep.  I pretty much envisioned myself working there the rest of my life and retiring happy knowing that I had helped that company grow and make a difference for all of our clients.

Sadly, every company enacts – or by omission of action, does not enact – management decisions that may lead to its decline.  In the early part of the 2000 decade, the industry changed, and our business model at Amos Data Systems should have changed with it to stay in tune.  At the time, the acting management team did not do this.  In the midpoint of 2009, Gary Amos did recognize that the direction the company had taken was not a healthy one and chose to take charge and make the needed changes happen.  Sometimes the problems can be fixed, other times too much damage is done and cannot be fixed.  For Amos Data Systems, it was clear that indeed too much damage had been done and there was no recovery.  In February of 2012, he was forced to close the doors of Amos Data Systems.

I began NMJ Technology LLC from the ashes of this event taking with me all the experience and knowledge of my career since it began in 1987.

There are other companies out there that claim to be exclusive in supporting the Amos Data Systems clientele.  Don’t be misled.  You searched for Amos Data Systems, and were led here.  Other providers do not necessarily have a relationship with Gary Amos to carry on the support of past clients.  Those companies certainly have never had a relationship with the clientele.  To those companies, the client is just another bankroll to be squeezed for dollars in hopes that they may someday kindle some relationship.

On the other hand, I already had, and still have the relationships with earlier Amos Data Systems clients.  They have always been my clients, even though I was employed by Amos Data Systems.  It is this relationship with my clients that has allowed me to start NMJ Technology LLC in such a short time with so much success.  I did not have to build NMJ Technology LLC, it already existed in the sense that I have always been a successful consulting presence for all of my clients for those 21 years.  This familiarity goes a long way toward the reputation that I have built with these clients.  That translates to a more personal service that I am able to give to these clients.

My clients were also happy to know that I had honored much of the funds (block of hours) that they had invested with Amos Data Systems for technological consulting and support services that they never would receive since the company had closed.  Much of these funds were dollars clients had invested for my time to begin with.  There is nothing that said I had to honor these dollars, but it was the right thing to do.  I didn’t want the client’s investments in my time to go to waste.  Sadly, after a year has passed since the opening of NMJ Technology LLC, the offer to honor block time officially no longer exists.  However, you might talk me into an arrangement this late in the game if you were left with a surplus of service block of hours that were lost when Amos Data Systems closed.

In any event, I have continued the same excellence of consulting, design, implementation, management and support services that I have been known for in my 25 years in the business for old and new clients alike.  Don’t be mislead by false promises of continued support by companies that know nothing about your technology needs. Allow me to continue supporting you in the fashion that you are accustomed.

Whether you are a previous Amos Data Systems client, or a new company, your are still looking for superior consulting, design, implementation, management, and support services, NMJ Technology LLC is here to do exactly that for your business.

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N. Michael Jackson
President – NMJ Technology LLC
Phone:       330-283-6902