About N. Michael Jackson and NMJ Technology LLC

About N. Michael Jackson and NMJ Technology LLC

I am Michael Jackson, President of NMJ Technology LLC.

I was educated at Kent State University in the field of Industrial Technology where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. My studies were mostly in the electronics field and I learned about circuit board technology, microprocessors, and a fair amount of communication technology of the time.  In addition, I learned much about high voltage power distribution systems, machine controls, and industrial processes.  My computer experience was limited to a use of IBM PC running MSDOS or even PCDOS (an IBM version) for the purpose of running machine code assemblers. I also had some experience running some MSDOS based applications. At Kent State, computer sciences mostly revolved around the Fortran and Cobol development. My official computer training was in the creation of 20 line Fortran programs to count and draw things. As a result, my expectation of computers being a major part of my career was nonexistent.

I started my career in 1987 at Controlled Power Corporation as an Electrical Engineer where I helped design high power distribution systems, programmed PLCs, designed graphic touch screen operator stations, and brought up serial communication links.  At that time, very little use was made of personal computers. They existed, but typically only by the few employees that needed special tools. These were typically accountants needing to run Lotus 123 or by assistants needing to produce memos and documentation with Word Perfect. Most businesses had only a few computers for these needs. At Controlled Power, there were a few in our department. They were almost never turned on.

In 1988, my superiors informed me that a local area network (LAN) was slated to be installed and a computer was going to be put on every engineers desk. A new form of computer program had started to make its way into business. AutoCad. Five young individuals were hired specifically to start up a new department specifically created to standardize all drafting efforts around the use of this new program. I was made the official “Network Administrator” (a new buzzword that was going around) because I was one of the only engineers in the department that had occasionally turned on a personal computer. I gladly took the challenge.

The company that won the bid to implement this new network was the company which I would later work for 21 years, Amos Data Systems, Inc (later to become Amos Data Systems, LLC). At the time, Microsoft had not hardly broken the surface with their Windows 1.0 desktop operating system, and everyone was still running MSDOS. Novell was the biggest name in town when it came to networking multiple workstations and printers in a LAN. Amos Data installed a Novell NetWare 3.0 file server, and a desktop for every engineer, that was connected by a 10Base2 Ethernet network. Over the next three years, I had learned how to administrate this Novell environment by working closely with Amos. I also rolled out and supported dBase IV database application for tracking projects, a DaVinci internal e-mail system, Word Perfect, Lotus 123, AutoCad, and other related applications. I had moved quickly from an electrical engineer to a Novell network administrator.

I made a move to inquire about employment with Amos Data Systems, and was quickly accepted. Amos was built on a Novell partnership as Microsoft really didn’t play in the LAN market yet. I soon cut my teeth on building and installing every version of Novell Netware servers from version 2.x through 6.5, the last version of Netware that Novell would ever create built upon the Novell eDirectory service. I obtained my Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) certifications. I continue to support NetWare to this day, however few systems exist. I also designed, implemented, and supported the Novell offerings that ran on the NetWare operating systems such as GroupWise, ZenWorks, IdentityManager, etc.

Amos Data soon saw the necessity to support the up and coming software offerings from Microsoft. I began developing my skills on the Windows NT 3.5 and 4.0 operating systems. When Microsoft introduced Active Directory to the world, I quickly attained my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification. Microsoft released the first reliable operating system with Windows 2003 server and Windows XP desktop. Microsoft Exchange and SQL services have become the staple of many businesses. The growth of systems utilizing Microsoft soon overshadowed the Novell client base. I spent many years migrating clients from the questionable future of Novell to the well now established Windows networking platform.

Amos Data began to standardize on the Windows platform as well as regularly employing the growing software and hardware technologies surrounding business class networks. Among the hardware offerings are the likes of Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Dell, and Barracuda. Among the software offerings in addition to Microsoft are the likes of Symantec, Citrix, StorageCraft, Computer Associates, MacAfee, TrendMicro, to name a few. It is in these core manufacturers, developers, and products that I am most familiar, although I am able to work with any product.

For those past 21 years with Amos Data Systems, I have developed the most trusting and close relationships with all of my clients. My clients are always able to work directly with me for every project and every need. I soon saw the opportunity to take my talents to the next level.

On February 1 2012, NMJ Technology LLC was born. Today, I continue to work with my client base at only a portion of the cost to them while still providing the same level support and customer care.

My breadth of knowledge continues to grow as I branch into new directions. Almost immediately I began developing a series of managed services that I saw were the staple in almost all business networking environments.  Titled NMJ GuardianComplete™ they are services that you can bundle together with all of my personal attention included as a single flat monthly fee.  Check out these services here.

I look forward to satisfying your business needs.