What NMJ Technology LLC does

Our business model is simple.  We sell you managed on site and cloud services, licensing, software, hardware and network appliances, contracts, agreements, maintenance plans that every IT establishment needs to provide service availability to their clients, users, departments, companies, or customers, at a substantially reduced cost of ownership as a bundled monthly or yearly management plan.

But then we “throw in” the expertise to support those services for you.  Since we work with many sources for product and licensing at high volumes, we can provide the services at a cost competitive to other vendors, but we include the labor, which no other provider can do.  The labor for the services are built into the cost of the service itself.  Imagine never receiving another surprise extraordinary bill from an IT provider for hundreds of hours spent spinning wheels on a project.

Below are the services provided by NMJ Technology LLC as NMJ Guardian™ Managed Services for your business network deployment, continuity, protection, recovery, and support.

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NMJ GuardianWatch

NMJ GuardianWatch™ is a set of proactive management tools that are deployed within your network and on your various devices to keep a watchful eye on things. Everything is monitored to make sure that everything runs within the proper limits and tolerances. Operating system updates are always checked and applied.  The status of all hardware is monitored. If anything is found to be out of place, NMJ GuardianSupport, and if desired someone within your organization, are notified so that steps can be taken to correct the issue before it becomes a business halting failure. 

Cost for NMJ GuardianWatch:  $300 per site per month.

NMJ GuardianSupport™ – only available in Akron, Ohio and surrounding areas, or Sun City West, Arizona and surrounding areas.  This is a plan that puts support people at your disposal for any projects, or tasks, or when issues do arise when alarms created by the NMJ GuardianWatch™ system.  All of this time, whether it is onsite including travel, offsite, phone, email, chat, signal flares, smoke signals, or drums, is covered under this plan.

Cost for :  $35 per server per month, $12 per device per month.


NMJ GuardianOffice™ is our resold flavor of Microsoft Office 365. Choose from one of the many Office 365 tiers available. The most common Plan is the Business Premium plan that includes the online Exchange for Outlook MAPI, Outlook Web Access, and ActiveSync; the web based online Office suite accessible from any where; rights to the full Office desktop suite; online SharePoint services; Skype collaboration messenger; OneDrive file storage; and other features. Unlike Microsoft offerings, there is no yearly contract or any early withdrawal fees.

Cost: $14 per user per month.

NMJ GuardianVoice™ is a hosted managed VoIP solution utilizing onsite PBX, hosted PBX, SIP trunking for providing your business with a reliable and flexible communications platform.  Hosted VoIP allows your business to make phone calls using the same broadband connection you use to connect to the Internet.  There are dozens of features allowing your business and end users to supercharge their telephony environment. NMJ Technology LLC offers everything you need including IP phones, calling plans, advanced calling features, and Unified Communications tools for a complete, unified Hosted Voice system that supports a single office or multiple locations nationwide.

Cost: $30 per phone/extension.

NMJ GuardianMail

NMJ GuardianMail™ is a spam and virus scanning service for your email system. It is compatible with most email servers, but is especially important for businesses that have onsite server or servers. The email destined for your system is first sent through a series of scanners and products looking for known spam, suspected spam, and virus infected email, and prevents that mail from being delivered to your mail servers. Each user in your business can review mail that has been held and choose to release it. Virus infected mail is always blocked.

Cost: $10 per domain per month, $1 per managed user month

NMJ GuardianEncrypt™ is an email encryption service for your existing corporate email system to protect your vendors, customers, employees and company data when transmitting documents via email, and without needing to train people how to use the service. It will ensure that confidential information stays confidential, that it is easy to use for all users, and helps minimize the risks of regulatory violations and fines.

Cost: $4.25 per user configured in your domain per month.

NMJ GuardianBackup

NMJ GuardianBackup™ is a managed backup solution that can backup all of your important computer systems and hold that data in an onsite and offsite data storage location. On site backup storage IS provided.  Complete backups are made as often as you wish, from once per day to as often as every 5 minutes (hourly backups are most commonly utilized). Restorations are granular so you can recovery an entire server down to just a single file. Exchange is also directly supported. An advanced online “Hot Site” can be configured as well to allow quick business recovery even if you lose your data center!

Cost: $150 per site per month, $50 per additional server per month, $10 per workstation per month, $20 Exchange granular restoration per month, $150 per hot site server recovery per month, ZERO cost for offsite data storage.




NMJ GuardianProtect™ is a managed antivirus and anti-spam protection for each of your server and workstation endpoints.  Also web browsing is given another layer of protection against reaching sites known to be risky.  In addition, common methods for phishing for the purpose of stealing one’s identity are also thwarted.  All workstation definitions are always up to date, and the status of each system antivirus protection status is constantly monitored and remediation of attacks are automatically handled by NMJ support, even when users have left your premises with a protected system.

Cost: $3.00 per user/device per month.

NMJ GuardianContent™ is a managed web content filtering solution that often requires no appliance or software within your organization to function. All user web browsing and remote application usage is monitored and prevents access to unauthorized systems or web sites, prevents the access to known malware suspicious sites and services, and full reporting will tell you exactly where your users have been for compliance or policy enforcement.

Cost: $3 per user/device per month.

NMJ GuardianContracts



NMJ GuardianContracts™ is a service to allow us to manage your various software, licensing, and support contracts for you. We will renew them as needed. The cost are spread out over monthly periods so you do not need to make large expenditures as the contracts come due. There are a growing list of contracts that we will handle but Microsoft licensing, Antivirus licensing, HP and Dell extended support contracts, networking device warranty and support contracts are commonly covered.

Costs depend on the contracts being managed.

NMJ GuardianAssessment™ is a one time full network intrusion, vulnerability, and penetration test for your business network.  Also known as a pen test, simulated cyber attacks performed on the inside and outside of your network as performed to check for possible exploits or other hold in your data center and business network infrastructure.  All parts of your internal network and internet based systems and portals are involved, including, but not limited to network devices such as switches, routers, wireless access points, and will also include servers, workstations, network attached storage, and also includes external/internet systems such as web server, application servers, web portals.

Cost: depends on the business systems and networks being tested – call for a quote.

NMJ GuardianSecurity™ is an ongoing user awareness and training service that help your employees to recognize and deal with various types of phishing or cyber crime attempts.  Your users will be given training modules that they can complete and retake at any time, occasionally the service will send simulated phishing content to the users in various forms and reports back to you the results of their actions.  You will know if they are paying attention to the warning signs indicating fake or fraudulent email scam attempts, or if they fell for the attempt and clicked a “bad” link.  They will be given information about their actions and reminded why it was an incorrect action.

Cost: $4 per user per month.

NMJ GuardianRemote



NMJ GuardianRemote™ is a remote support tool that can be used for anyone whether they are a current client or not. This tool allows us to review, evaluate, diagnose, and repair common issues no matter who and where you are. No matter where you are located, no matter if you are a current client or not, no matter what your computer issue is, if you have internet access, you can employ the NMJ GuardianRemote client to allow access by our expert team for immediate help.

Costs:  Included in any monthly plan that includes NMJ GuardianWatch services.

NMJ GuardianConsultant



NMJ GuardianConsultant™ is the availability of the people that bring you all the other services. We will Consult, Design, Implement, Manage, and Support your business networking environment from top to bottom. There are multiple ways to obtain the services of friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and expert personnel to handle anything from day to day issues to attentive response in emergency situation. Below, learn how you can bundle more services and get your support team for a fraction of the cost of normal support rates.

Costs:  Included in any monthly plan that includes NMJ GuardianWatch services.

NMJ GuardianComplete



NMJ GuardianComplete™ is your ability to bundle any of these Guardian™ solutions into one ongoing managed service plan. Each service stands on their own merits as indispensable for your business, but the more of these indispensable services that you bundle together, the more money you can save for all the services combined. In many cases, you can pay NMJ Technology LLC for the various services and the time for our personnel to support your business ends up just being a perk. Imagine never having to pay for network support again, and still having a personal engineering at your disposal at any time.

Costs: Lower than you ever imagined!

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