NMJ GuardianComplete Services

NMJ Technology LLC has developed a group of services collectively called NMJ Guardian™ to provide a solution to a few of the most basic needs in network support and management.

  • NMJ GuardianSupport™
  • NMJ GuardianBackup™
  • NMJ GuardianWatch™
  • NMJ GuardianLicense™
  • NMJ GuardianInfrastructure™

NMJ GuardianSupport

NMJ GuardianSupport™ is simply the name I have given to our already superb Consulting, Design, Implementation, Management, and Support services.  The difference is that I am offering it in a monthly budgeted plan that is easy on your fiscal department and alleviates the cyclical increased and decreased costs over time.

The plan will cover:

  • All Consulting, Design, Implementation, Management, and Support performed via onsite, offsite, email, phone, remote control, and practically any other way you can imagine.
  • All travel if located within a two hour drive of Stow Ohio.
  • Note this includes time spent for implementing projects.

This plan does not include costs for any hardware, software, licensing, or agreements by any other third party companies.


$250.00 per month for up to 5 physical servers
$5.00 per workstation per month

The cost of your monthly plan is derived from the size of your network, the number of servers, workstations, devices, users, number of locations, and other factors. Once these factors have been determined, you will be billed regularly at a custom rate specifically tailored for your business.

NMJ GuardianBackup

NMJ GuardianBackup™ is a corporate class fully managed backup solution based on a very popular product by StorageCraft called ShadowProtect.

My service backup solution will protect your important business processes with the following capabilities:

  • You remain virtually hands free of administration of this protection.
  • We Backup servers and important workstations completely.
  • This solution allows the restoration of single files all the way up to entire bare metal server disaster recovery including dissimilar hardware.
  • We will backup Exchange servers completely
  • This solution allows the granular restoration of Exchange data including single email items all the way up to entire information store.
  • We will provide onsite storage device of roughly 12 TB usable space.
  • We replicate your server onsite backup storage in two additional offsite repositories.
  • All support and maintenance for this solution is included.


$150.00 per month for your first physical or virtual server
$150 per month per each additional physical server
$50.00 per month per each additional virtual server
$10.00 per month per workstation (physical or virtual)

NMJ GuardianWatch

NMJ GuardianWatch™ is like having a support tech standing at each device on your network indefinitely.  A monitoring agent will be loaded on every server, workstation, and that will also monitor of all other SNMP capable devices on your network.  These agents will notify the NMJ Technology LLC help desk of the condition of your systems, allow deployment of software and settings, and include powerful reporting capabilities.  The capabilities provided by our proactive monitoring services are as follows:

  • Remote Control
  • IT Asset Management
  • Software Deployment
  • Hardware Provisioning
  • Virtualization Monitoring and Managemen
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mac and Linux Agents
  • Multivendor Backup Management Dashboard
  • Multivendor Antivirus Management Dashboard
  • Technician Web Control Center
  • Patch Management
  • Scripting Engine
  • Network Monitoring
  • Mobile Access
  • Marketplace Solutions


$10.00 per server (physical or virtual) per month
$5.00 per workstation (physical or virtual) per month
$5.00 per SNMP based device per month

NMJ GuardianLicense

NMJ GuardianLicense™ allows you to put the chore of managing and maintaining the periodic maintenance, service, software, and licensing agreements you must typically renew on an ongoing basis.  Some examples are:

  • Microsoft Server and User CALs.
  • Microsoft Office product licensing.
  • Symantec Licensing including Backup Exec and Endpoint Protection
  • Barracuda Energizer Updates and Instant Replacement
  • Hewlett Packard ProLiant Server CarePack agreements
  • Dell PowerEdge extended support agreements
  • Cisco SmartNet agreements
  • Others can be included as needed


This plan is still in development and more details will be presented in the future.

NMJ GuardianInfrastructure

NMJ GuardianInfrastructure™ is a plan that will allow NMJ Technology LLC to maintain the hardware used in your environment so you don’t have to.  SOme examples are:

  • Server Hardware and components
  • Workstation Hardware and components
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Access Points
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies
  • Racking equipment
  • Cabling


This plan is still in development and more details will be presented in the future.

NMJ GuardianComplete

NMJ GuardianComplete™ is a bundling of any number of these plans into one plan that would further lower your costs over time.  The more you bundle, the more you will save.

Call for a free evaluation today at 330-283-6902 or email us at info@nmjtechnology.com.

I have been in the Information Technology Consulting business since 1987. I studied at Kent State University in the field of Industrial Technology with the desire to become an electrical engineer like my father before me. My segue into computer networking was a complete surprise that I gladly accepted as a way to move forward in my experiences. I learned networking from the Novell point of view, and that eventually led me into the Microsoft world which is where I have become an exceptional consultant. Away from business, I continue to perfect my musicianship and write music. I have a lovely wife, and darling daughter, and super step son, two cats, a dog, and some gold fish in my pond.